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Fork & Spoon Mystery
The Fork & Spoon Mystery is the perfect routine for your table hopping act, but you can also do it stand up with no use of any table. From your pocket you take out a cloth napkin wrapped around a spoon and a fork. You show the cutlery to the spectators and you can let them hold them in their own hands! Show the napkin empty. Begin by telling them that this is the latest game ”from Hollywood and Las Vegas”.

Take the spoon and fork and wrap the napkin around once again. Pretend to ”shuffle” the fork and spoon and take out one object in your hand and hide it so nobody can see which one you are holding. Leave the other object in the napkin on the table. Nobody can tell which is the spoon and which is the fork Now the spectator has to guess what you have in your hand. What ever the answer is, show the spoon for a moment and cover it again with your hand. Now they KNOW what you are holding. A magic gesture and the spoon has changed into the fork!!!
The spectator removes the napkin from the fork which has changed to the spoon!!! Everything can be left on the table.

The routine above is created by JOACHIM SOLBERG, a leading close-up performer in Scandinavia. He also teaches you the basic routine.

What you get:
- the DVD with two different routines.
- the special fork and spoon
- a white cotton napkin
- a written manuscript.
E37 - Smart E-handel