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Here, within these web-pages, you will find details of original
and unique magic. El Duco's Magic was founded in 1978,
more than 30 years ago by Swedish magic inventor Christer Gustavsson (El Duco) and the brand has a solid reputation
and is respected throughout the world of magic.

Many of the effects on this site are used by professionals and
are praised by top performers!

Christer Gustavsson (El Duco) passed away on September 30, 2008 after a short period of illness.
He will be missed and remembered in the magic community
for his creativity, enthusiasm and integrity.

In December 2008 the business was sold to Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB, who will continue to produce the El Duco Collection of original quality magic.

You can visit our new "mother company" at www.gycklaren.com.

Birgitta & Gay Ljungberg
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