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Personal Key
Inspired by Al Koran's Medallion effect we have created the following:
Imagine that you are checking in at the small Hotel of Magic. You get your key but it has no number on it. You call attention to this and the receptionist says. "This is your personal key. Make your own choice. - So I wrote my very personal room number on the key fob and put the key in the breast pocket," you say.

On a note pad you now draw a room door and ask the audience what they think the number on your room door is? You ask for a 2-digit number (it's a small hotell with only 50 rooms for magician's only!). You write down their number on your room door drawing and show it to the audience.

"Wouldn't it be fantastic if you have created a room number that is the same as I have on my key?", you ask. Most likely, the answer will be "YES". Take out the key from your breast pocket and show it to everyone, THE NUMBERS MATCH!!!

These precision made props are so good that YOUR PERSONAL KEY is a dream to perform. NO force or stooges. Do it close-up or platform. Different results every time! We are proud to be able to offer you this effect!



E37 - Smart E-handel