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Shrinking Die

Do you recognize this situation:
Your friends ask you to do a trick. You are not prepared. You only wear a shirt with short sleeves.There is no thumb tip in sight, and no pull or magneic device on your body. Not even a deck of cards - so what do you do?

Yes, you have ONE thing in your pocket. It is a BIG die (1 inch). Hit the table to show that it is solid. Close your empty hand and push the die into your fist with help of your finger. Press the die into your hand for a moment.

Slowly open your hand - THE DIE HAS SHRUNK TO 1/3 OF ITS ORIGINAL SIZE!!! Drop it in the spectator's hand. BOTH your hands are EMPTY!

The transformation is unbelievable - it looks like REAL MAGIC!

An instant miracle you can perform anywhere. Resets in seconds. Let El Duco’s SHRINKING DIE save your magic reputation - never leave home without it!


E37 - Smart E-handel