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Duco's Dice

Two big dice (25 mm or 1 inch) with two opaque covers are displayed. A spectator chooses one (no force) and you take the other.
You both take your dice behind your back and put the dice into the covers without looking at it. Both covers with the dice are placed on the table.
Ask the spectator to lift the covers. BOTH DICE HAVE THE SAME SIDE UP!

Now you repeat the effect. BUT this time the spectator put BOTH DICE in the covers and place them on the table.
Now you display six cards with spots like a die. Ask the spectator to shuffle the cards and place them in a row face down on the table. Ask the spectator to chose one covered die (again no force). Place the selected cover with the die on one of the cards.
When the spectator lifts the cover and turns over the card THE DIE AND CARD MATCH AGAIN!!!

Leave the props for inspection. A stunning effect with nicely made props and illustrated instructions.


E37 - Smart E-handel