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Chained, + dvd

This is the cleanest and most baffling penetration you have ever seen!
Display a gleaming endless chain. Hang the chain over your wrist and let the spectator examine a key.
Now you throw the key towards the chain.
Instantly the key links to the chain hanging there in full view!!! Your hands are absolutely empty!
Hand over the chain with the linked key to the spectator to examine!
If you prefer a longer routine one is included as a bonus. the key links and unlinks several times in the same clean way as described above.
CHAINED is a very visaul penetration. Your audience will have no idea how this is done. Perform it IN SHORT SLEEVES! No pull or thread. It's so clean...We are convinced CHAINED will be your close-up favourite for years to come!



E37 - Smart E-handel