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Make Up Mirror
A spectator chooses a card from the deck. She doesn't name it. She is ONLY THINKING of the card. Ask her to take part in a mind-boggling experiment. She shall imagine that she takes out the now invisible card from the deck. Then she is told to tear the invisible card into four pieces and trow the pieces towards a wallet you hold in front of her.

Before you open the wallet the spectator is asked to check if her card still is in the deck that you have spread face up on the table. The answer will be NO! The card has vanished.

When you open the wallet you discover that there has been an embarassing mix up - you are standing there with your wives make-up mirror case! Anyway, except for the mirror there is a face down card, torn in pieces in the case. Don't ask the name of her card just yet. Instead close the case and place it on the table in front of her.

The mind game continues. Ask her to concentrate on her card and to try to restore it in her mind. When you open the wallet again, the card is completely restored!

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER you ask which card she is thinking of. "NINE OF DIAMONDS", she says. Turn over the card. IT IS TOTALLY BLANK! Fiasco!!!? Not at all! When the spectator looks in the mirror THERE IS AN IMPRINT Of 9 DIAMOND PIPS on the surface reflecting her face!!!

Make-Up Mirror comes complete with the specially made mirror wallet in soft brushed calfskin, the cards and routine. We think this will be one of your favourite effects. Top quality calf leather make-up folder made in Sweden.
E37 - Smart E-handel