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Close Up Ring & Rope Routine

How can I convince you that this is the best Ring and Rope Routine ever created? Maybe you must see it performed? Everybody who have seen it it hastwo words on their lips: "IMPOSSIBLE, AMAZING!" El Duco found the routine so special that he on the spot purchased the world rights from the originator. Here it is: Willi Wessel's Close-up Ring and Rope Routine. What you get is a full routine with seven different effects cleverly woven into each other to form a complete routine which lasts 3-5 minutes. In each effect the ring seems to melt through the rope. Every move is well considered, in order to create the maximum effect. The routine is described in a 12 pages booklet with 57 crystal clear illustrations PLUS on a DVD This way you can't miss anything out! JOACHIM SOLBERG is your personal instructor. He is one of Europe's most outstanding close-up performers. He has performed this routine for years and will teach you how to do it. Here is what you get: One special made chrome plated steel ring, diam 11cm. One length of soft white cotton rope PLUS the DVD . A bargain!

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